TurnShift allows Slack teams to share on-call, recurring tasks like customer support in a pro-active and organized way. More

Every team, no matter its size, has some chores, some duties to do. This usually means rotating team members on those tasks, so the workload is shared.

How do we usually achieve that? We create spreadsheets, internal tools or rely on calendars.

But those solutions require maintenance, manual actions, and attention: they’re boring.

Engineering managers and support leaders can use the TurnShift Slack app to automate their support scheduling and team rotation needs.

Create shared schedules, assign them to teams, and get Slack notifications about who’s on shift today. No more manual scheduling and reminders to book shifts: TurnShift automates it all.

TurnShift is Slack-ready and syncs with your users, so you never have to start from scratch. Create teams and schedules in seconds, then forget about it.

You’re one step away from carefree team scheduling

Get TurnShift today!

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