Tweet Ninja

Automatically boost your Twitter engagement

With Tweet Ninja you can get more followers naturally, tweet like a pro, engage with influencers, all on complete on autopilot.

Tweet Ninja is a social media marketing tool that helps influencers and marketers organically.

Now you can sit back and relax whileΒ Tweet NinjaΒ saves you hours of tedious work.

With Tweet Ninja you can get more followers naturally, tweet like a pro, engage with influencers, all on complete on autopilot.

Grows your followers and naturally increase their engagement on Twitter with an automatic, intelligent, targeted and effective retweet and like suggestions.

With Tweet Ninja you can easily:

  • Get more followers – organically
  • Automate your engagement – smartly
  • Do Twitter marketing – effectively
  • Tweet like a – PRO
  • Manage unlimited Tweets, Retweets & Favourites
  • Provides Full Analytics
  • Engage with Influencers – on Autopilot
  • Constantly produce new updates on any of your Twitter accounts.

Your Very Own Twitter Expert - Twitter Ninja - Preview 3

Why do you need Tweet Ninja?

Engaging with the right people at the right time on Twitter can be extremely rewarding in terms of traffic and branding but also incredibly time-consuming. Tweet Ninja smartly automates all this and frees up hours of your time – each day

Who is it for?

Everybody willing to use Twitter more effectively for boosting their digital reach, connecting with influencers, buyers or potential employers, automatically finding new leads and organically growing their businesses or personal brand.

How does it work?

1. Choose your target audience

All you have to do is pick a list of people you want to engage with on Twitter and refine it with hashtags and keywords: celebrities, clients, prospects, influencers – all it takes is a couple of clicks

2. Let the system engage automatically

Tweet Ninja will pick the best tweets and the hottest contents from the list you have chosen, and from the people that interact with them, re-tweeting and engaging automatically for you

3. Watch your followers grow – on autopilot

Once setup, the system will continue to engage on Twitter for you, boosting your presence and constantly adding real followers ready to be contacted and nurtured

What makes Tweet Ninja stand out from the crowd?

If you want to use Twitter to build powerful connections, you either spend hours sifting through tons of tweets picking the right ones at the right moment – or you use Tweet Ninja. No alternatives, today and in the foreseeable future.


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