Twift helps you make your product launches go VIRAL on Twitter. It helps you get better reach and build hype. More

Twift helps you make your product launches go VIRAL on Twitter.

Ever seen those “Drop a 👋 and …” tweets? Instead of directly tweeting the link to your product, you just ask people to DM you to get access to the product.

An average “Drop a 👋” campaign gets over 500 replies on Twitter.

Good ones get 2k+, and great ones 3k+.

These campaigns are great for building hypetesting demand and boosting your engagement and reach.

Professional influencers use this little trick regularly to get more people to click their links. And Twift is the backend that lets you run these giveaways without breaking a sweat.

You just put in your campaign’s tweet link and write a message.

Twitter’s algorithm won’t show your tweets to 95% of your followers unless it gets good engagement.

So instead of tweeting out your product’s link, launch your product by building some hype with these “Reply with a 👋 to get…” campaigns.

But sending hundreds or even thousands of DMs manually is a pain.

With Twift, you don’t have to worry about sending 100s of DMs manually. Just enter your tweet’s link, write a message, and hit send. Twift takes care of all the DMing.

Personalisation: Mention reciever’s name in the DM by using the {first_name} tag. So a message sent to me will could start with “Hey Kunal, here’s your…

Spam protection: Twift’s algorithm automatically pause and make sure Twitter knows you’re not spamming. We follow all Twitter guidelines on DMing and make sure your account is always, 100% safe.

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