Two Minute Reports is the most simple reporting tool available. Monitor your product and business metrics quickly and easily, fully automated in Google Sheets. More

It’s that time of the week again! Time to send out the reporting.

You need to create the same marketing report, business report, or product report almost every week, or even every day.

Opening multiple platforms, downloading data, copying data one by one, creating charts & reports to send identical emails – all taking up a lot of your time away.

The same tedious task again and again.

Meet TwoMinuteReports

Automate And Simplify Your Reporting Work Directly In Google Sheets

Consolidate your Marketing/Product data from different sources into a Report or Dashboard in minutes.

The super-intuitive user interface that’s simple and easy to use so that your brain gets excited and not drained out of energy while creating a report.

Simply Connect All Your Sources In Seconds And Generate The Reports Automatically

Pull your marketing/product performance data into Google Sheets. No restrictions, no security worries, just raw data saved to your own Google Sheets.

Integrates With All The Tools You Use

Integrations with: MySQL, Google Analytics, PostgreSQL, PageSpeed Insights, Apple App Store, Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads, Firebase Cloud FireStore.
Slack, Trello, Stripe, Google Search Console, Play Store, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Hubspot, and Zoho (Coming soon)

Create Beautiful Reports Or A Dynamic Dashboard On Autopilot

Create a beautiful report or a dynamic dashboard from your data. Arrange the charts and data the way you want it. Format your dashboard or report with familiar tools right within Google Sheets.

Eliminate Hours Of Manual Work By Scheduling Automated Reporting Emails

Once you’re happy with your dashboard or report, you can eliminate hours of manual work by scheduling automatic data transfers and emails.

You can automatically refresh your data, so your spreadsheet dashboard is filled with almost live data.

You can also send PDF, Excel attachments, or your entire report as an image in the email body to your recipients.

The Best Supermetrics Alternative

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