Typedesk helps you and your team work faster by managing and quickly accessing canned responses everywhere you work. More

Have you ever found yourself typing the same things over and over again, or sending your customer an email with a __PLACEHOLDER__ you forgot?

Yeah, we’ve been there too…

typedesk is the best way to design, organize, share and use your canned responses and text snippets.

It works on any computer with all your current tools (help desk, email client, chat, social media).

Quickly and easily create customized replies and templates for your customers, prospects, students, patients etc.

Why typedesk is different

  • It works on Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, and on the Web.
  • It offers the best of both worlds: a Google-like search bar to easily find responses, and keyboard shortcuts to auto-insert the responses you use every day.
  • It offers smart placeholders and variables to build customized canned responses.
  • It offers awesome collaborative features to give your whole team superpowers.
Typedesk is awesome for customer support & sales teams, doctors, teachers and IT support.