It is an easy-to-use “smart” chatbot builder that enables you to automate your business without coding. UChat also generates leads from qualified prospects across all major channels. More

Today, customer expectations are higher than ever. They need answers to their questions quickly. To get ahold of you, they first search for your business online and find a link to your website.

They try to call you but can’t reach you. What if there was a way to eliminate this long process and make it easy for your customers to get hold of you on Google maps and chat with you directly?

What if there was an interactive voice system to help them easily find the information they need cost-effectively?

Meet Uchat

UChat is an easy-to-use “smart” chatbot builder that enables you to automate your business without coding.

With a smart AI chatbot, UChat streamlines customer support services and generates leads from qualified prospects across all major channels.

Powerful Omni-channel platform

UChat enables you to automatically respond to their queries, qualify leads, automate sales in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, Voice & Google Business Messenger.

No matter which channel your customer is trying to contact you, there is always a way for you to automate the business without coding.

Voice Flow

With UChat’s unique voice flow, you can build your real-time voice virtual assistant.

You can also easily build Interactive Voice Response(IVR)transfer phone callsleave messages, and even take payment automatically in the phone calls.

Build your chatbot in Google Business Messenger

You will be able to build chatbots to leverage Google’s dominant market share for online searches.

A chatbot solution to help businesses schedule appointments, make reservations and offer excellent customer services.

Build your WhatsApp chatbot 

If you ever build a WhatsApp chatbot, you will love our WhatsApp Pricing for only $5/month(Unlimited free session messages, no markup pricing)!

With the official WhatsApp business API, UChat has partnered with 360Dialog to bring this offer to you. You can start with our new number or migrate your existing number to UChat.

All the new features for WhatsApp are supported right away, like lists, buttons, etc.

Visual Flow Logic

UChat can help you build the complex logic visually.

It’s like “painting” when you are building a chatbot. All you need to do is to build the logic with our “building blocks” – send message, question, action, condition, split, send an email, Goto, and comments.

UChat integrates with Google’s DialogFlow to give you a super-smart, flexible system that can be trained for better responses and a wider variety of user inputs.

Ecommerce across all channels

UChat ecommerce feature allows customers to place orders across all the channels we supported.

Your customer can easily search for your products, and UChat streamlines the checkout process for you.

You can set up coupon codes, set up delivery areas, send order confirmation & abandon checkout follow up easily.

Manage & reply through Livechat & Inbox

Even if you have a smart chatbot, you will need human support from time to time.

UChat allows you to send notifications(SMS, phone call, slack, email) to human agents, and also a live chat/inbox keeps all your contact and conversations on the same page.

Unlimited Integrations

Despite all the integration we already have(Stripe, Calendly, Google sheet, Dialogflow, SMTP, Sendgrid, Gmail, Mailchimp), you can still easily connect to other 3rd parties through our Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly Connect, and even build your own integration with our “mini-apps”.

Automate your business with a powerful Omni-channel platform.