Meet Uffdata an online platform that can connect virtually to any 3rd party data source to bring all your key metrics in one place. More

There are countless digital marketing tools online that try to help you get your hands on data, but, there are so many tools to choose from, each one delivering on a specific subset of data.

It can be overwhelming when you have this massive amount of information flooding through a variety of different sources.

Now just imagine having multiple browser tabs open with different analytics tools in each of them.

Just shoot me now!

Well we have something that will solve your problem.

Meet Uffdata an online platform that can connect virtually any data source to bring all your key metrics in one place

They basically provide you with a business dashboard that consolidates different data sources into one interface.

Uffdata is a registered, certified partner of Klipfolio.

Klipfolio provides the software that powers Uffdata.

This allows Uffdata to focus on creating more custom connections, while Klipfolio focuses on keeping our dashboards on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

Uffdata provides numerous data integratons from online services like Google Analytics, Shopify, MailChimp, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This gives you a way to access all your key digital marketing data and to generate presentable, comprehensive, and stunning data visualization reports with just a few clicks.

Currently, its features are designed to be tailored to consultants, marketers, businesses and analysts.

Stop wasting hours on sorting through digital marketing tools and endless amounts of data and just use Uffdata.

What To Expect From Uffdata

  • Super simple dashboard design that’s easy to set up, move and size components, and display.
  • Easily integrates with hundreds of third-party services.
  • Unlimited users, widgets, and data sources.
  • 60 second data refreshes from any of your data sources. This easily beats Klipfolio’s basic plan.
  • Uffdata makes it easy to share the dashboard in a variety of formats – PDF, JPG, CSV, email, etc.

A dashboard for everyone.


All of your employees, all of your clients.

With permission control on a per widget basis, you can share the same dashboard with different users, allowing them to only see the information they should have access to.

That’s company reporting, controlled.