Accelerate growth and build the product people want with the all-in-one tool for feature voting, roadmaps, product updates, and collecting ideas. More

You work hard to deliver a great product and to promote your work when you have new updates to your existing user base as well as to the wider public to win more deals.

But how to know that you are building the right features at the right time?

Get user feedback through feature voting, sharing your roadmap, and crafting beautiful, engaging release notes to keep customers and stakeholders up to date, or as a marketing tool to convert more with Upfeed.

Gather Feedback From Your Customers In The Product Feature Voting Board

Collect feedback in a dedicated feedback board. Let users add ideas and feature requests, and let users vote on the best ideas. Over time, the most popular ideas will bubble up to the top, so you know what is most requested.

You can use it to collect feedback about your next features to develop, your next integrations to implement, the bugs that are running on your product, the next languages to add to your application.

Communicate What Your Team Is Working On With A Simple Product Roadmap Overview

Communicate upcoming features and show what you are working on and what’s next. Publish updates by changing the status of the feedback on your roadmap.

You can collect feedback for projects on your product roadmap and manage the expectations of your customers. Create an engaged community and excited customers by communicating decisions by updating the roadmap status.

Announce Product Updates With A Beautiful Changelog

Craft a beautiful, engaging changelog to keep customers and stakeholders up to date, or as a marketing tool to convert more.

Show your customers that you are improving your product regularly and show the latest updates via a public changelog.

Fully Customizable To Suit Your Brand Style

Simply add your logo, your colors and connect it to your custom domain, or embed your Upfeed board directly in your webpages. Easy!