Upsend is a single platform with chat, email automation, product tour generator and knowledge center apps built-in More

How upsend makes a difference

Affordable single platform for customizable chat, email and sales. Superior customer engagement. Better conversion. Perfect for Saas startups of all sizes. No need for expensive separate tools anymore.

Customer segmentation and lead nurturing were never this easy. Offer them the best customer experience and convert leads like crazy. Upsend allows you to automate email, segment customers, design.

 Customer Data Hub

Customer data hub stores every little detail of your customers and their communication history. Just a few click and you will know who they are. Segment them based on demography or their behavior then start nurturing the leads.

Marketing Automation

You can send targeted and personalized emails to different customer segments. Set up triggers, email sequences and your email campaign are on full auto mode. Lead nurturing, survey, onboarding —automate any email campaigns and let the conversions happen even when you sleep.

Live Chat

This feature allows to you set up behavior based messages to communicate with customers real-time. Even if your team is offline, you can still pre-qualify your visitors and collect their emails.
With Live chat, customer reps can handle unlimited communications at the same time without any issues. Bonus: It comes with customization options. You can play with colors and designs to suit your taste.


Integrate our out-of-the-box solutions into your marketing strategy to accompany users throughout their lifecycles. Reach 100% of your audience with behavior-based in-app messages that don’t require a prior consent. Keep your users engaged and grow your business!

Guide tour

73% of visitors are more like to purchase after a product guide tour. The Guide tour feature allows you to create product tours with zero coding. Want to create some customized targeted tours for a specific audience segment? Easy!! You can even track how users are interacting with the tour in real-time on the analytics dashboard.


Customers who visit help centers 2X more likely to purchase. They get instant answers and you score big in customer satisfaction. Upsend helps you create your help center with a few clicks. You can edit, include media and publish articles from our visual editor.

Knowledgebase also optimized for search engines. That means users would directly land on your help center from Google search. Knowledgebase Reports help to keep a tab on what kind of info your clients are most interested in.


Connect your favorite tools: Clearbit, Dialogflow, Helpscout, Pipedrive, Slack, Twitter, Zoom, Calendly, Dailytics, Twilio, Messenger, Mailchimp.