Your perfect tool for custom links, Urlora lets you retarget & engage your audience on all platforms. More

Urlora is the last tool you’ll ever need to get the best out of your links and every other link you share on the internet.

It lets you turn every single person who clicks on your link into a perfectly targeted custom audience for your ad campaigns.

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Urlora supports targeting pixels from all advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Google, LinkedIn, and more!

With its advanced analytics feature, you can also keep track of how your links are doing with detailed analysis of clicks, conversions, impressions, and more.

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  • Create, save & organize all your optimized links by campaign;
  • Add your own custom call-to-action to any web page that you choose to share;
  • Add your own email opt-in form to any website & generate a lot more leads;
  • Easily keep tabs on how your links are doing w/ detailed analytics on your link clicks, conversions, impressions & more.