VidAmaze is All-In-One Personalized Video And Interactive Video Software with “Trigger Reels” That Anyone Can Use To Get Explosive Results. More

In 1920 neuroscientists discovered that when people hear their own name, part of their brain called the “left posterior temporal pole” lights up and makes them pay attention!

We Decided To Exploit This Brain Hack To Create Jaw Dropping Videos That Nobody Can Ignore!

In A Couple Of Taps, You Can Create Trigger Reel Videos

Use Their Name, Location, Or Personal Details Right Inside The Video To Trigger A Tidal Wave Of Views And Sales with VidAmaze.

All-In-One Personalized Video And Interactive Video Software

It’s So Easy!

  • Log In To Your Vidamaze Dashboard
  • Choose A Template
  • Tap A Couple Of Buttons And You’re Done!

Cold Emailing – Let’s say you want to reach out to the CEO of a company but don’t have their name. With Vidamaze you can use the company name instead.

Local Facebook Ads – Let’s say you’re advertising a local business with Facebook Video Ads. Use Vidamaze to create hundreds of locally customized videos for every location you’re targeting!

Winning Clients – Let’s say you’re a consultant, coach, or freelancer and you want to win a new client. Use Vidamaze to send a personal video message to the client that has their name all over it!

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