Discover how videos can help you establish instant authority, attract unlimited leads, and convert them into clients. More

So many of us (in every niche and business that exists) are putting in so much effort into getting leads and making sales online, without an ounce of success.

Why do we just assume someone will give a name, an email address, or even make a purchase in exchange for something we have to offer?

​What you have to offer may be great, it may solve a major problem, and offer tremendous value, but rarely are those things enough to close a lead (or much less a sale).

How can you expect anyone to trust you if you’ve never had a client or customer before? What if they have no idea who you are?

Authority is the one thing that can get you over that hump – Authority positions you as an expert for whatever product or service you’re offering.

Meet VideoLeadsMachine

Discover how videos can help you establish instant authority, attract unlimited leads, and convert them into clients.

By Combining A Unique Form Of Video With A Proven Process To Establish Authority In Just Days.

  • Have Digital Products To Resell?
  • Have An Agency Business?
  • Trying To Get More Offline Clients?
  • Do You Have A Yard Service?

Whatever The Business, VideoLeadsMachine Can Help You Bring In More Leads And Close More Business!

Automated, Point-And-Click Video Creation Software Designed To Create “Mini TED Talk” Type Videos Positioning Any Business and product as an instant expert

An in-depth strategy you can use for any niche to start gaining hot leads ready to invest with you!

​You’ll be getting resources and information from one of the best in the business in Authority and Brand development…

Lead Conversion Strategy

  • Ingredients to getting leads
  • Video Authority Multiplier
  • Ted Talk Conversion Formula
  • Video Lead Machine Strategy

Video Conversion Strategy

  • The Offer
  • The Headline
  • The Problem
  • The Illustration
  • The Action

Authority Video Formula

  • Authority Video Framework
  • Authority Video Creation
  • Video Lead Capture Strategy
  • Supercharge Lead Generation
  • Instant Authority To Get Leads

Video Lead Marketing

  • Leads With Email Marketing
  • Leads With Social Media Marketing​
  • Leads With SEO​
  • Leads With Cold Traffic​
  • Leads With Retargeting​
  • Leads With Networking

AuthorityVids Software Automation Training

  • Tools You Can Use To Automate
  • DFY High Converting Scripts​
  • Authority Vid Quickstart​
  • Authority Vid Creation Automation​
  • Video Lead Pages Training

Our proven step-by-step strategy can give you results in just DAYS! Especially when you combine it with the AuthorityVids software included with VideoLeadsMachine.

​The price of VideoLeadsMachine CAN’T stay this low.

You know for a fact, that more Authority and establishing yourself as an expert in your business can make the difference in more getting more leads and ultimately making more sales. 


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