This tool allows you to turn you video content into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation, and conversions. More

Advertising your product or service via Video Marketing can be tricky but did you know that 65% of your audience are visual learners?

One of the most powerful methods you can use for video marketing is to educate your audience while building brand awareness.

But doing just this will not give you enough video engagement, leads, and conversions that you are looking for.

Now insert Video Perks into the picture.

Your audience will love to watch the video, share it, or complete any mentioned task when you REWARD them for it.

While your users enjoy the perks, you enjoy the high video engagements with an increase in lead generation and sales conversions.

Vieworks is an Interactive Video Marketing, Lead Generation, and Rewards Tool

It helps turn video content into a powerful sales enablement tool to build awareness, education, lead generation, and conversions via multi-channel distribution.

It gets really difficult and overwhelming with the competitive content and the standard video formats that are driving low clicks and engagement.

Vieworks achieves a 300% increase in video engagement.

Tap into the growing trend of value exchange marketing, enabling companies to set up ‘perks’ to reward relevant target audiences for engaging with marketing video content, and sharing data directly back to the business:

  • Custom branded Interactive video widgets that reward users with perks for their attention.
  • Perks optimize marketing performance, generate quality leads and builds positive brand affinity
  • Simple to distribute across multiple touchpoints reaching your customers where they want to engage

3X compared to industry standards with full platform analytics and data capture within the player.

Know who you are interested in watching your videos by simply embedding the video link on to your Landing pages, inside YouTube video, Emails, and much more.

It also helps you with –

  • Increase video engagement rates – Uplift in video engagement, purchase intent, and conversions
  • Measurable results, maximize leads – Capture opt-in user data directly from the video player
  • Cut through the clutter – Gifting rewards build meaningful connections for your brand

Video Perks reward relevant target audiences for engaging with marketing video content and sharing data directly back to the brand

You can Reward your users with any redeemable perks. This encourages your audience to spend more time with your content.

Now discover how you can use Video Funnels to reach your targeted audiences across multiple platforms and how you can use Video Perks to increase engagement with customers with Vieworks.

  • Awareness – Video Perks offer value to users increasing video engagement supercharging your video marketing.
  • Consideration – Powerful video messaging sells your products/services to a target audience.
  • Conversion – Coupons to drive checkouts, use chatbot connections, including remarketing email campaigns to convert to customers.
  • Measure – Track in-store footfall, attribution, and sales to measure video marketing efficiency.
  • Loyalty – Value exchange increases rapport between customer and brand perception and loyalty.

How can you start using Vieworks via Multi-Channel Engagement?


Add Video to your emails and see the Conversions fly.

Send personalized emails to prospects and website leads.

The Video teaser plays within email prompting the target to click to play and get rewarded for watching


Simple to embed across your websites or web pages and drive traffic to your site.

Use the multiple widgets and embed codes, to fit with the style and size of your site.

​Audiences are prompted to learn more about the Products and Services you provide through the video(s).

Data is captured from within the player and you see 3x more signups to your page and reduce customer drop-offs with Vieworks.


Share on multiple social media platforms to supercharge your campaigns.

You can also build and nurture connections with prospects on social media.

Vieworks provides you simple to share video URLs across social networks with metadata that helps you boost posts to targeted audiences with paid social.


Circulate on chat messaging platforms and connect customers to chatbots.

Simply share on popular messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat, or in Chatbots.

For eg – Directly add the link with a call to action button at the end of the video for viewers to contact their agent via the Whatsapp button and it will directly redirect your customer to the added link.

Ad Formats 

Interactive ad-formats generate leads from targeted ad campaigns.

With multiple ad-formats available, you can serve scaled advertising campaigns on the following channels to suit the need of your campaign:

  • IAB Display Formats
  • Sponsored Posts
  • YouTube Display

QR Codes 

Generate QR codes to print and publish on flyers, at conferences and events. Circulate on chat messaging platforms and connect customers to chatbots