See what strategies big businesses are using, identify niches waiting to be disrupted, mix-and-match, and build your startup’s successful business model with Vizologi. More

In less than 20 minutes, you can see what strategies big businesses are using. Find the key ingredients they are missing, and create your business model canvas directly on Vizologi.

It searches, analyzes, and visualizes the world’s best business models of companies like Amazon & Spotify to help build your startup’s business model.

Get Inspired To Create Unique And Original Start-Ups

Powered by artificial intelligence, it searches, analyzes, and visualizes the world’s business intelligence to help answer your strategic questions, It combines the simplicity of the business model canvas with the innovation power of the mash-up method.

Analyze The Business Models Of The Most Successful Companies

Vizologi’s machine learning analyzes the business models and trends of the world’s best brands and puts them together for you to analyze and use for your own business model canvas.

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