This tool allows you to add Voice-Enabled Recognition Technology to your Website and let your user navigate it the same way as a Digital Assitant! More

We all know the same old way of browsing though a website – using the texts and texts directly but that’s too much of work for a user already!

Insert Voice Search a.k.a. Voice Recognition!

With Voice Recognition becoming a part of our everyday lives now, let all your users browse through your website with the help of the voice search that will not only help you get more traffic but better conversions.

Voxpow enables businesses to adopt voice recognition through just a few lines of code. This is a simple way to add cutting-edge voice recognition to any website.

Voxpow is an advanced tool that uses the most advanced systems to provide one of the best transcription quality. The system uses high-quality voice recognition models designed specifically for delivering over 95% accuracy in the conversion of voice to text.

What Features Does Voxpow Offer?

  • Voice Commands to your website
  • Tiny JavaScript Speech Recognition library
  • Supports mutilple languages
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Noise robustness
  • Natural Language Porcessing
  • Google Analytics Synchronization
  • Voice Recognition Trackers
  • Speech-to-Text Conversions
  • Add custom commands for voice control

Why Do You Need Voice Recognition On Your Website?

There is not just one but multiple reasons why! It is vital to give your user the freedom to choose how it uses your website. That sounds cool, but in fact with the help of voice recognition enabled on your website – this is what your users get –

  • Ability to perform a search with his voice
  • Ability to type with his voice
  • Faster filling forms and inputs
  • Save his time and increase overall satisfaction
  • And you can monitor all of those in our dashboard

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