Create a movie of any complexity from a family card, a drone or action clip in UHD to a presentation with charts & diagrams. More

Get VSDC Video Editor Pro for creating a movie of any complexity from a family card, a drone or action camera clip in UHD to a presentation with a wide array of charts & diagrams.

Do more than just video making.

Make polished videos with an amazingly powerful non-linear video editing suite.

Key Features Of VSDC Video Editor Pro:

  • VSDC Video Editor Pro enables import from any devices and cams, including GoPro and drones. It supports all formats.
  • Allows users to export in a new H265/HEVC codec, something essential for those working with 4K and HD.
  • Provides everything for hassle-free basic editing:
    • cut, crop and merge files,
    • add titles and favourite music,
    • outline text,
    • Visual effects,
    • advanced colour correction and
    • trendy Instagram-like filters.
  • All multimedia processing is done from one app: video editing capabilities reinforced by a video converter, a screen capture, an audio recorder, a video capture, a disc burner and a YouTube uploader.
  • Supports Non-linear editing. You can edit several files simultaneously.
  • Allows easy export to social networks: special profiles for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Supports High-quality export with no conversion quality loss, double export speed even of HD files due to hardware acceleration.
  • Stabilizes moving footage. Turn your shaky or jittery footage into a more stable video automatically with its Stabilization tool.
  • Records Voice over. You can record your speech in sync with your video.
  • Provides an essential toolset for professional video editings like Blending modes, Mask tool, Advanced multiple-colour Chroma Key, Free transform tool and LUTs.
  • Double speed: Manages your editing even faster with more stable and hardware-accelerated version.
  • Enhanced resolution: Processes image and video transformation with subpixel resolution to get a more precise result
  • Video Mask tool: Hide, blur or highlight required elements in your video using 10+ mask types
  • Multiple colour chroma key: Choose a suitable colour for your video background to create a real TV studio look.
  • Advanced settings for pro editing: Creates curved motion paths for your video objects or animation taking advantage of adjustable parameter settings.