WA Web Plus adds superpowers to your WhatsApp Web for automated sales engagement, privacy and reliability. It brings all the missing features to WhatsApp for personal and business use. More

Give your WhatsApp Superpowers!

Good news! Your WhatsApp is blowing up with people asking for the services you offer.

Bad news: You don't have time to attract new customers and answer everyone at the same time.

Imagine how many people could be buying your product or service right now.

Can you keep track of all the messages in all of your Whatsapp groups?

Probably not!

Introducing WA Web Plus, the easiest way to generate leads, build relationships, and dramatically increase your sales through WhatsApp 24×7!

You read it right: Wa Web Plus offers more than 20 great features to keep your Whatsapp working for you 24 hours a day.

The Breakdown

  • Export information from groups, contacts and WhatsApp conversations to Excel.
  • Schedule messages, self-service menu, smart response, welcome messages, group tools, read notifications.
  • Easy to create, no coding required. In less than 15 seconds you WILL have your first WhatsApp bot.
  • Capture clients automatically, generate leads in WhatsApp groups, and more!

WA Web Plus is simple and powerful

With WA Web Plus you can boost your sales by making Whatsapp work for you with Wa Web Plus in easy, simple and powerful way!

Here are just two of the more than 20 features this fantastic tool has to offer:

Check out WA Web Plus features (some exclusive ones)

  • Create automatic responses in groups or private messages based on single words or words from within a sentence.
  • Create a smart way for your bot to monitor all your WhatsApp groups
  • Create your bot in 15 seconds that respond to user commands: For example: Type 1 if you want the service X, type 2 if you want Product Y and type 3 if you want to call with an attendant.
  • Schedule your WhatsApp message for the date and time you prefer. Choose WhatsApp groups or specific people from your contact list to receive the messages you have scheduled.
  • Automatically send a welcome message with the person's name when someone joins your group. You can also send another message in the group or privately when someone leaves.
  • Automatically clone your group and start another one from scratch, with another name and the same people from the old group
  • Join multiple groups at the same time
  • Read all messages the sender has deleted
  • Ghost read notification: Know that the person has read your message but they do not know that you have read theirs.
  • Listen to audio without the sender knowing you heard it
  • Password protect your web Whatsapp
  • Speed ​​up Whatsapp audios
  • Export Whatsapp group contact information to an excel table
  • Export conversations from all contacts
  • Export contact list
  • Blur names, photos, and messages from contacts
  • Unlimited chat pins (currently WhatsApp limits it up to 3 pins)
  • And many other small unique features.

Get all future updates and new features, for a lifetime!

WA Web Plus development process is insanely fast and active, delivering more and more features constantly.

The good news is: LTDHunt lifetime deal users will get access for free of all future releases of the purchased plan.

With this LTD Hunt exclusive offer, you will get access to Automated Messaging plus 20 other features, a state of the art business tool, for just ONE single payment of $39 for the STARTER account and $59 for the PROFESSIONAL account.


A well-established tool with over 90k active users!

WA Web Plus has more than 95,000 users and 322 monthly paying customers.

This means that the tool is already widely used and is profitable! It's effortless, you just need to acquire customers using the PRO plan, or sell licenses at your own price with the agency plan. 100% of the profit is yours!

It's too good to be true, right? Yes, it is! We at LTDHunt had to do something AMAZING in this exclusive lifetime deal.

WA Web Plus Agency Lifetime Deal Plan

Manage and resell licenses at your own price, keeping all the income with you

By stacking 10 MIddle PRO Plan coupons you will get access to the Agency Lifetime Deal that starts with 12 licenses with resell rights, that you can easily manage through an exclusive and easy to use reseller dashboard.

You can also buy as many extra codes as you want to add to your agency account.

You can sell your acquired code at a monthly or annual fee or even give it away to your customers as a courtesy.

In other words, you can do whatever you want as long as that does not go against the terms and conditions of WA Web Plus

You will have a special agency panel where you can control, enable, or disable a WhatsApp number.


The agency account is not white-labeled, this means, the accounts you resell will come with the WA Web Plus brand.

Currently you can setup your Webhooks easily with Firebase Cloud Functions. If you're not familiar with coding you can request WA Web Plus team to help creating your custom webhooks.

For more information: https://wawplus.com/en/manual/webhooks

30 days no question asked money-back guarantee

It was not easy to convince WA Web Plus founder to bring this lifetime offer. So he only agreed to release this deal for a limited number of users.

The sooner you buy, the sooner you guarantee YOUR agency account.

You've got a full 30 days with our money-back guarantee…so let it run for a few weeks.

If you don't see results – just return your license. …

But we have a good feeling after putting  WA Web Plus for auto-reply your customers and close sales for just one week, you'll see it's power!

And if this doesn’t do it for you, then use the 30-day money-back guarantee to recover your investment.

Keep rocking on!