Walling is an easy-to-use tool that will help you build your network of ideas and inspirations, and visualize your projects. More

Capture ideas without efforts

“Daily Desk” is your empty page on Walling to spill over your thoughts on a daily basis without worrying about creating a structure, folders or pages.

Brain dump with ease

Unlike linear documents, with Walling you can throw out your ideas into Bricks and worry later about organizing and revising them.

See the big picture

With your ideas side by side, Walling empowers you to step back and get a high level understanding of what you’re working on.

Independently or with your team

Invite your team to a Wall or create a Workspace to manage your team’s Walls in one place with members roles and centralized billing

Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, Walling is here to help you jot down and organize ideas

Light or dark, your choice.

Reduce eye strain, extend battery life or just because dark mode looks cool!

Start organizing your ideas

Walling was made to be used by anyone without feeling overwhelmed, whether you are a designer, a developer, a project manager, a writer or even a non-tech.