Warm Welcome lets you leverage personal video with business cards, site bubbles, and emails to build trust with your audience. More

You want a way to stand out in your market, but your plan to laser your brand name onto the surface of the moon is meeting some resistance. (“Just hear me out-”)

Even with high-quality site text, images, and graphics, your communications just feel…flat.

Wish you could personally greet every potential customer, from site visitors to email recipients?

Time to give ’em a Warm Welcome.

Business cards are the first thing to get lost in the shuffle of conferences and meet-and-greets.

Warm Welcome, praised by Shark Tank‘s very own Mr. Wonderful, lets you send video business cards via a quick link to make sure you leave a lasting impression. (Don’t you forget about me… )

People can even directly reply to your business card with an audio, text, or video message of their own to start a conversation and bring in new leads.

It’s an easy way to open a new avenue of communication, or help erase unflattering images of you spilling a martini on the hors d’oeuvres.

Use Warm Welcome to show people what you’re really like with video greetings, emails, and business cards to stand out from the crowd.