WholesaleX is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell wholesale products in your WooCommerce store. It provides the tools to manage all your wholesale products in one place. More

WholesaleX Simplifies the Process of Selling to Managing Wholesale Products in Your WooCommerce Store.

Easy to Manage – Managing a store is easy with WholesaleX. No special experience or coding knowledge is required.

All-In-One Solution – It is an all-in-one solution for creating and managing B2B and B2B+B2C stores in WooCommerce.

Manage Rules Globally – Dynamic rules are the most attractive and effective feature to assign pricing and discounts, tax, and shipping rules globally.

Effective User Roles – Managing customers is not easy, WholesaleX knows that, and it brings the user roles for effective management.

B2B + B2C Hybrid Store – Can create and manage a B2B or B2B+B2C hybrid store instead of just an ordinary Wholesale store.

Stay Tuned With Customers – Stay connected with your wholesale customer with the built-in conversation functionality.

Set Pricing & Discounts Globally or Products Based Using the Advanced Dynamic Rules

Quantity-Based Discounts – Offer quantity-based discounts for desired users and products.

Minimum Order Quantity – Set a minimum order quantity to avail of discounts on specific or multiple products.

User-Based Pricing – You can set the pricing of the same products differently for specific users.

Payment Method Discounts – Offer special discounts based on desired payment methods.

Cart Discounts – The cart page offers quantity or value-based discounts to specific or all users and products.

Category-Based Discounts – Add all products of a specific or multiple categories under the same discounts rule.

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