WishList Member is a plugin that transforms any WordPress site into a full-fledged membership site with protected online content. More

Create an online course, launch a monthly membership, sell digital downloads and more.

What can I do with WishList Member?

Create an Online Course

Easily build and sell your online course (with support for all major Learning Management Systems).

Launch a Monthly Membership

Build recurring revenue with a membership site.

Sell digital products

Online courses, e-books, & even individual WordPress blog posts

Protect free content

Private communities, churches, free premium resources

Easy setup in minutes

Getting started wizard

When you activate WishList Member, you’ll get step-by-step onboarding that makes set up a total breeze.

One-click content protection

Create pages or posts on WordPress, click β€œProtect” right in the editor, select which membership levels get access, and you’re all set.

Build it your way

Enable features as you need them. Starting out, most advanced features are turned off to give you a simple yet scalable setup.

A single piece of software powering your entire online business