WooHoo helps you boost your email sign-ups and increase your sales with interactive games such as Wheel Of Coupons, Card Dance, and more! More

What’s really most difficult: Getting Traffic, Getting signups, or Getting customers?

Definitely the last one.

Even if you have an amazing product at an unbelievable price, 90% of the times it is difficult to convert a visitor into a customer.

But, what if I tell you that there is a magic word to increase your conversion?

“Discounts” is the magic word.

Have you ever skipped shopping on a Black Friday, or during Halloween?

The answer is an obvious yes.

Why? Because everyone loves nice discounts on their favorite products.

Instead of offering a flat discount, the store owner asks you to spin a wheel to get whatever the discount you get.

Wouldn’t you want to spin the wheel instantly?

I know, right.

That’s what WooHoo does!

WooHoo helps you boost your email sign-ups, increase your sales with its interactive games.

You will see a bunch of games to choose from, add your coupons in exchange for their emails & that’s it.

Who said pop-ups can’t be fun? Add some playful spirit to your pop-up ads, pop-up banners, and pop-up windows and watch as the gamified email capture process boosts subscriptions and sales.

In fact, your visitors are gonna love you for having WooHoo’s interactive gaming popups on your website.

It’s a win-win situation.

You get to build your marketing email list and close more sales. Your customers get to enjoy a fun and engaging email capture process.

Get lifetime access to WooHoo today!

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