WP Compress makes it next to effortless to get your sites loading faster, ranking higher and converting better, on complete autopilot. More

WP Compress v4 has just been released with amazing features for agency owners!

This is a complete agency white label option in which you get to take all of the credit for faster loading, better-performing client websites – all without having to lift a finger past setup!

Detailed Client Reporting

Keep your clients informed with detailed client reporting that makes YOU look good without having to lift a finger past setup.

Reports can be automatically emailed to each client monthly or downloaded as a PDF.

Custom Branded Reports

They even offer custom branded reports to members with 5K or more recurring credits per month.

Completely Hide From WordPress

WP Compress agency plans even include a powerful feature that allows you to fully hide the WP Compress plugin from your client’s website – while still optimizing images on complete autopilot.

WP Compress helps all of your WordPress websites (or clients websites) load faster, rank higher and convert better -all without you having to lift a finger after setup.

For those of you not familiar with WP Compress – they offer a WordPress plugin and a centralized management portal for cloud image optimization – all on complete autopilot, and agency tools such as monthly quotas for clients, detailed compression reports and easy remote management.

WP Compress is jam-packed with agency tools and features such as monthly quotas, compression reports, and remote management – all from a centralized dashboard.

Image optimization can be set to Autopilot, which optimizes your images during off-peak hours to make sure your site is always loading fast and save you time while editing.

On top of that, they’ll make sure your images are always safe and secure with cloud backups and the ability to one-click restore at any time, Over-Compression Prevention Technology™ and theme or WordPress generated thumbnails are included for free.

It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your website’s performance, and truly set it and forget it.

Lock it in right now, and get all of your websites loading faster and performing better for life.