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WP Mega Menu

Create mega menu builder plugin for WordPress

A fully responsive mega menu builder plugin for WordPress to create wonderful & interactive navigation menus. More

A fully responsive mega menu builder plugin for WordPress to create wonderful & interactive navigation menus.

Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Creating a mega menu is fun with this robust WordPress plugin.

Compose stylish menus with flexible drag and drop functionality.

Build your own adaptive menu layouts and make your sites look better on any device.

  • Flexible drag & drop system;
  • Highly functional;
  • Adaptive menu layouts.

Drag Drop@2x

Fast & Intuitive

WP Mega Menu offers a cutting-edge visual menu builder.

Craft everything visually with this powerful tool.

Place your menu items in the rows and columns intuitively.

Changes are saved automatically.

  • Row & column based menus;
  • Autosave enabled.

Visual Menu Builder@2x

Unlimited Styling Options

There’s no limit to the number of the menu items you want to have.

Your options to make them stylish and interactively functional are also unlimited.

Any style you think of can be brought easily with WP Mega Menu.

  • Unlimited menu items;
  • Multi-layered navigation;
  • Stylish and interactive.

Advanced Feature Widgets

Besides using shortcodes in menus, you can also use prebuilt feature widgets as menu items.

The feature widgets add more functionalities so you can set photos, titles and little details to them.

  • Dedicated WPMM widgets;
  • Customizable and functional.

Logo Centering Option

Want to go beyond the conventional way? Place your brand logo at the center.

With logo centering option, you can literally turn any menu item into a brand logo.

Use text as a logo or upload a brand logo image to a menu item.

  • Turn a menu item into brand logo;
  • Place logo at the center;
  • Image and text logo options.

Image 2

Social Connects

Let your visitors have easy access to your social media channels by placing the links with respective icons.

There is a built-in system inside WP Mega Menu to set up the social icons.

  • Place social icons on the menu bar;
  • Style their looks your way.

Menu Animation

Alongside styling menus with different elements, you can also animate the menu items.

Add menu animation for better user-engagement.

  • Animate menu items;
  • Ensure better engagements.

Tabbed Submenu

You can easily create tabbed submenus and style them any way you want to present to your visitors.

It's really fun to play with the WP Mega Menu functions.

  • Multi-item tabbed submenu;
  • Unlimited styling and customization options.

Extensive Icon Support

WP Mega Menu lets you explore icons in the vast directory of Font Awesome and Dashicons.

Placing these icons with style is also easy.

  • Font Awesome available;
  • WPMM Dashicons on board.

Group 15

Native WordPress Search

You can have a search option on the menu if you ever need.

WP Mega Menu lets you include WordPress default search on any of your menu items.

  • Let the visitors search things on the menu;
  • Utilize WordPress default search system.

Default Search

Works With Your Theme

The plugin can be used with any WordPress theme.

The installation process is just like any other WordPress plugin you use.

Stay confident!

  • Works with any theme;
  • Only impacts on the menu area;
  • Smooth operations.
WP Mega Menu

A fully responsive mega menu builder plugin for WordPress to create wonderful & interactive navigation menus.

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