Wp Social is a WordPress plugin that lets you add social logins, counters, and share buttons of different styles to your website. More

A website that isn’t set up with social media is like a smartphone with only one bar: it works, but don’t expect much contact with the outside world. (“Send us a carrier pigeon anytime!”)

On the other hand, getting your WordPress site connected with social media typically involves clunky plugins and integrations that don’t mesh.

Ready for one plugin that helps you maximize your site’s audience with customizable social logins, counters, and share buttons?

You’re invited to Wp Social.

Wp Social makes it super simple for users to login to your WordPress site with their social media accounts.

You can integrate with nine social media services, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Plus, Wp Social offers customizable templates to give your admin login layouts extra appeal.

Much like a certain beloved caterpillar, your site is very hungry for more traffic and eager to emerge as the social network butterfly you know it can be.

Wp Social lets you easily add social logins, counters, and share features to make sure your site is spreading its wings.

So tap in to the full power of social media and get ready for takeoff.

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