Protect your WordPress site safely with WP Time Capsule, the time machine for your WordPress! More

Protect your WordPress site safely with WP Time Capsule, the time machine for your WordPress!

WP Time Capsule is the smart, advanced WordPress backup solution.

Lightning-fast restores

Files are selectively moved to the live site with a click of a button. No unzipping or manual effort.

  • Easy, instant restores;
  • Warp your website back in time;
  • Restore specific files;
  • Test Restores in Staging.

Home Restores

Update your website with confidence

With our cutting-edge backup & restore system as the foundation, WordPress updates are safer than ever before.

  • Backup before update;
  • Auto-updates;
  • Vulnerability updates;
  • Stage your updates.

Home Updates

Testing ground for your website

A Staging site is an independent clone of your live production site to test out updates and other changes.

  • One-click Staging;
  • Test Updates in Staging;
  • Test Restores in Staging;
  • Move Staging to Live.

Features Staging

Automatic incremental backups

All changes to your WordPress sites are backed up automatically as they happen.

  • Automagically back up…

Any change in your website’s files or DB will trigger a backup.

No more backups to remember or schedules to create. It happens automagically!

  • In real-time…

Backing up in real-time means that you will now be able to revert your website to how it was just an hour ago.

Since only the changes are backed up, the total space used is infinitesimal.

You can also reduce this to daily or weekly.

  • Only the changes…

WP Time Capsule is an incremental backup solution, meaning only the changes are backed up every time and the unchanged files remain untouched.

That’s how backups should be, right?

  • To the storage app of your choice.

Don’t be tied up with your host for website backups.

Send them to the cloud app of your choice – Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon S3.

Your data is truly yours.