Start accepting one-time and recurring payments on your WordPress site using Paddle. More

Building a payment option into your WordPress site can feel like you’re trying to add a balcony to a house of cards. (“No sudden movements or the whole thing comes crashing down.”)

But in between running your business, maintaining your website, and driving conversions, you don’t have time to learn to code or the budget to outsource a shopping cart build.

Imagine if you could set up digital payments directly from your WordPress site in just a few minutes.

Say hello to WPSmartPay.

WPSmartPay is an e-commerce + website solution for companies that want to focus on selling their digital products online and don’t want to lose weight dealing with taxes, payment gateways, the website itself and break the bank in accounting costs with a simple point-and-click subscription plans.

  • Powerful Payment Options

Manage your entire customer billing process with Paddle’s powerful payments option for WordPress.

  • Protect Against Fraudulent Chargebacks

Paddle combines their algorithms with fraud prevention by maintaining four layers of fraud protection.

  • No Complicated Sales Taxes & Compliance Management

Paddle files and pays your sales taxes owed on your behalf, then issue a ‘reverse invoice’ to for your records to show taxes as paid.

You shouldn’t have to go the extra mile when it comes to getting paid. (“What if everyone just mailed me a check? …do people still write checks?”)

WPSmartPay makes it easy to accept payments right from your WordPress site—no shopping cart or coding required.

Sell smart, not hard.