With XMarketer you can listen to your potential users and convert leads into sales using live-chat, voice and video calls. More

Different people like to engage in different ways, some prefer email, others want to chat and some want to talk to you face to face.

With xMarketer, you can engage with all your customers in their preferred mode of communication.

xMarketer lets your customers record video messages, and audio messages, schedule a video conference or a telephone call or have a live chat with you.

With a simple setup, you are ready to chat with prospective leads and customers.

You can integrate apps like Facebook messenger and all other communication channels in one place to manage conversations better.

Watch the Demo to See it in Action

xMarketer helps you to generate new sales and manage all your customer engagement from one place.

xMarketer also features an AI-powered chat-bot that helps you generate leads while you are away.

Now you can easily turn these conversations with your customers into highly valuable training videos and webinars.

Instantly Engage & Convert Buyers

Reach out to your customers…right when they need you the most i.e. right when they are about to make the purchase

  • Chat widget: Simple setup for all your HTML/WordPress websites
  • Voicemails: Send and receive Audio recorded messages directly from the chat widget
  • Video Mails: Exchange video-recorded messages with your potential users
  • Live Call: Directly Talk to your customers from your website and increase engagement
  • International Phone Call: Call any international number and talk to offline leads
  • Face to Face call: Real-time Face to Face conversations

Fastest Customer Support

Resolve issues quickly by giving customers instant access to your support team

  • Automated Bot response: AI-powered automated responses to market your products while you sleep
  • Emoji & GIFs: Engage better with Emojis and GIFs…increase time spent on your website
  • Customizable helpdesk: Better support means happy customers

Onboard your customer in a snap

Help customers get started right away and on the right note by guiding them through your product.

  • Custom Macros: Highly effective template messages
  • Automation Triggers: Automate routine tasks with triggers
  • AI Bots and Emails: Qualify and engage budding users. Automate your marketing, and make sales while you sleep.

Watch the demo here and check how you can get started right away in just 3-Simple Steps.

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