Say goodbye to endless open tabs and windows. Xoba makes it easy to organize, discover, and collaborate across documents, webpages, tools, applications and teams in one space. More

The average employee spends 20% of their day just searching to find the right information they need to do their job.

Xoba cuts this down to just minutes. How? Xoba lets you do a few key things:


Connect all of your apps to Xoba and enjoy speedy search results all in one place. You never have to bounce around applications again trying to find what you need.

Get what you are looking for in seconds.


Compile and curate your information with Xoba Cards so that you can quickly refer to links based on project or timeline, no matter what application those links are from.


Share Xoba Cards with your team members so that can stay updated on information and links for their projects all in one place.

Xoba is the fastest way to search your Google Drive and other apps, all in one place.

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