Yarea helps you create your own customer portal to grow your business. With Yarea, you can build your own customer portal in minutes! More

Improve Your Customer Relationship, Build Loyalty, and Make Your Customer Management a True Success

Creating a healthy customer relationship is always a top priority for any business but with fewer resources around, it becomes a little difficult to manage it.

But now you can customize your own Client Portal and never lose a customer ever again!

Providing an online customer portal is an essential part of creating a satisfying support experience. They are convenient, relevant, and have everything a customer needs in one place.

Yarea helps you create your own Customer Portal to grow your business!

Improving your customer relations is not difficult anymore.

With Yarea, you can build your own customer portal in minutes.

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But What’s a Customer Portal and Why is it Needed?

A customer portal is a secure client area that provides your customers with a single point of access to company information that is relevant to them, such as policies, knowledge base, invoices, orders, blogs, content, support tickets, and much more.

Choose Your Modules – Pick the modules and integrations you want to combine in from Yarea’s AppStore.

Make It Yours – Easily customize your portal to your favorite color, domain name, access rule, logo, and much more.

Invite Your Users – Invite your users, your team, and your customers. Let them feel at home.

You can use Yarea for a customer area, a support center, and an information portal!

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