Integrated billing, accounting and inventory platform that enables users to manage the entire purchasing and sales flow. More

Manage All Your Inventory, Accounting and Contacts Under Single Platform

Running an E-commerce store isn’t a cup of tea.

Plus, listing your product on multiple platforms is definitely nerve wrecking.

To add to that, using different tools to manage everything from inventory, billing, accounting to adding up various minute other details is simply consuming a lot of time, manpower and energy.

The good news for this is that now you can manage all of it in one single dashboard along with various other features that could literally solve all your online ecom business problems!

So now you can spend more time growing your business and less on managing inventory.

 ZapERP an All-in-one E-Commerce Inventory, Accounting and Contacts Management Solution.

ZapERP is a Multi-channel inventory with powerful stock management & order fulfilment.

You can sell and distribute products and manage entire business to increase your profits.

From the moment you plan to open an ecom store, you can imagine the pain of multitasking for multiple things altogether and this takes a lot of investment which you could have used for your inventory.

ZapERP solves all your problems and lets you manage your store from a single dashboard.

This single tool gives you multiple options for managing inventory, accounting, billing, invoicing, and what not!

So, let’s understand what will you get in this tool!

1. Inventory Control

Manage inventory across multiple channels, warehouses, batches, and in multiple currencies. Improve purchase efficiency with easily configurable minimum quantity levels for each product then generate purchase orders based on demand.

Track your stock, shipment or even product placed in the shelf. Real-time stock level update for every purchase and sales.

  • Multiple Channels;
  • Auto Update Inventory;
  • Minimum Reorder Level;
  • Smart Purchase Management;
  • Composite Items;
  • Maintenance;
  • Track Items;
  • Barcode.

2. Inventory and Point of Sale (POS)

Control your inventory, manage orders and stocks, get insights about your business, and maintain books.

  • Order Processing;
  • Stock Management;
  • Product Groups;
  • Custom Pricing with Multi-Currency;
  • Pricing Per Customer Profile.

3. Warehouse Management

From shipping to receiving, managing warehouses to tracking inventory, this tool lets you manage your inventory efficiently across multiple locations and warehouses.

  • Transfer and Track Inventory;
  • Dispatch Orders From Closest Warehouse;
  • Generate Accurate Reports.

4. Purchase Management

Create Purchase Orders, receive partial purchases and bills. Create re-orders automatically and maintain supplier ratings.

  • Smart Inventory;
  • Minimum Reorder Level;
  • Receive Purchase Orders in Full or In Partial;
  • Track Purchase;
  • Smart Stocking.

5. Order Management, Fulfilment, and Shipping

Monitor and fulfil orders from different channels from one central place.

Sort items according to warehouse and shelf location.

Connect with all leading accounting systems including Xero & Quickbooks.

6. B2B Order Management

Automatic purchase orders, price lists, sales across multiple online or offline channels, sync with accounting and accept online payments.

7. Inventory Reports

Integrate with multiple gateways, CRMs, accounting systems and generate intelligent reports.

Study sales trend and analyze best performing item.

8. Accounting Management

Manage your finances, compliances, taxes, automate business workflows, and work collectively across multiple teams & departments using accounting Integrations.

9. Invoicing Integrations

Craft beautiful invoices & bills, automate your business, send payment reminders and get paid faster online.

Eliminate your company’s bottlenecks and streamline your business processes.

ZapERP is integrated invoicing, accounting and inventory platform that allows users to manage their complete purchase and sales flow.

Save time and money by using ZapERP and invest them back to grow your business!