It is your personal cloud for secure file access and streaming. With ZipDrive installed on your computer, you can set up your personal cloud without moving your data to any third-party cloud. More

Browse, stream, edit and share your files, videos, photos, and music from anywhere. These files can be streamed from anywhere, appearing as is with the entire file-folder structure entirely intact.

For users who take a lot of pictures on their phones, ZipDrive makes it easy to upload photos and videos from their mobile devices to their computers with one click.

It’s also a useful solution for teams who wish to co-edit MS Office files in real-time, while the files get saved automatically.

ZipDrive is the ideal solution for anybody who has a need for file access or file sharing service, whether they are home users, professionals, or even small businesses.

Easy setup

Just install & run the ZipDrive app on your computer

Controlled access

Enable your entire computer or just selective drives/folders for access via ZipDrive

Access via web

Add computers to your account & stream your files from any web browser

Access via mobile

Connect to any online computer from your phone & browse your files

Upload photos/videos via mobile

Upload all the photos & videos from your iOS/Android phones in one click

Multiple platforms

Works on PC, Mac, & Linux machines as well as Android, iOS mobile phones

Secure access

All access sessions are secured with TLS v1.2 to protect data in transit

Stream music, videos

Get secure access to your media collection & stream music or video files directly from your computer anywhere

MS office files

Open & co-edit Office files in real-time

Share files/folders

Share files or folders from your computer with anyone via a secure share link

Access external/mapped drive

Remotely access, edit, play & share files from any mapped drive or an external hard drive connected to your computer

Two-step verification

Enter a verification code when signing in to your account for additional security