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Are you tired of the endless weeks spent setting up authentication and payments for your SaaS project?

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Built on a top-notch cloud-native stack that includes AWS, NodeJs, Serverless Framework, React + NextJs, and Tailwind CSS, It streamlines SaaS building by effortlessly managing user authentication and payments.

With efficient CI/CD features and hands-off server management, you can focus on your product’s core functionality while leaving the infrastructure hassle behind.

Get your new SaaS project running in days instead of weeks

Experience the simplicity of ZippySaaS with its YAML configs, enabling you to easily define any AWS resource needed for your app.

You can ensure that your data remains secure and under your control.

Seamlessly integrate Stripe’s billing features for subscription payments with custom webhook implementation, leveraging the power of ZippySaaS to handle your payment needs.

Don’t waste weeks on setup; simplify your SaaS development journey.

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