ZKart delivers everything you need to create a highly profitable online carts with funnels and checkout pages in one easy to use the tool. More

Whether you are an experienced online entrepreneur or just getting started, ZKart sells products, increases ROI and expands your online business.

Application integration

Once connected, you can set up behavioral rules in your products to add customers to your email list, bookmark them when your subscription is canceled and more!

Create beautiful product pages

With ZKart, you can create beautiful product pages using the intuitive, dragged page builder.

Set up high conversion funnels

The most effective way to maximize your customers’ lifetime value is to set up the funnels.

ZKart allows you to set up high conversion funnels with absolute ease, to maximize your conversions.

Use one-click increase offers

The best time to sell another customer is when he is about to check out, that is, when he is “ready to buy”.

With this powerful sales increase option, you can easily expand your business.

Fully customized checkout pages

It is essential to provide your buyers with a completely personalized experience from start to finish, and that is exactly what you can do by customizing even the last things your buyers will see on your website, which are the checkout pages.

Integrate payment gateways

ZKart allows integration with the main payment processors, so you can be paid easily. Integration is easy and takes just a few clicks.

And much more…

Exclusive Bonus

You will get free access to this amazing app with ZKart launch on Zaxtra.

This is going to be a revolutionary autoresponder for emails, SMSs, and Whatsapp marketing.

Here’s  the first draft of our upcoming app Mailzapp:

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