Tailwind.ws is a browser-based online drag and drop TailwindCSS builder that included 100+ ready-made UI blocks and built with 300+ UI components and popular layouts and navbars. More

Introducing Tailwind.ws, an online prototyping & templates builder tool that will bring your wireframing process with the new TailwindCSS framework to a whole new level

The premise for this tool is simple: it is a browser-based drag and drop builder that includes 100+ ready-made UI content blocks, built with over 300 components, neatly organized in a user friendly interface that will allow you to simply point to the components you wish to add, stack them one over the other, and export a ready made template in clean HTML code easily, in a matter of minutes

Create thousands of web templates easily, burn through your time, and simplify your work using these blocks, components and themes in your commercial and client projects.

Get Tailwind today!

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