Intego washing machine

Last update 1 year ago

Remove unwanted files and speed up your Mac with one touch

About Intego washing machine

Intego washing machine X9 is a Mac cleaner that makes it easy to get rid of junk files that slow down your Mac — duplicate files and programs you never use.

It also helps you automatically organize things, so both you and your Mac operate more efficiently.

Feature highlights

Reclaim space – Locates unwanted files, so your computer can run faster & more efficiently.

Get rid of duplicates – Identifies useless hanger-ons & lets you get rid of them in a click.

Get organized – Automatically organizes your heap of desktop files into the right folders.

Customizable – Lets you customize your deletion criteria based on your comfort level.

One-touch function – Allows you to choose what types of files you want to reclaim with just the flip of a switch.

Easy to navigate – Enables you to easily see files that are slowing your computer down.

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